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error message

Posted by: andrew c.      29 Jul 2011 @ 16:40
error message

hi all. my laptop wont let me connect to the net, when i click on either mozzilla or chrome an error message pops up askin if i want to sent the report or not. i had also just installed something called ilivid a free download piece of software any body know what i may be able to do?

Reply by: Jon S. PCIQ IT ProfessionalIT Professional in Morecambe, LA3      29 Jul 2011 @ 17:21
RE: error message

"ilivid Download Manager" is just that - a download manager for all these file-sharing bootleg sites like Megaupload
A pointless piece of software
Also the kind of software likely to be offered on warez sites in a hacked version with viral payload included.
In downloading this crapware you've probably also got yourself hacked / virused.

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