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General: changing server

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Original Message    Posted by: frank m.      6 Feb @ 07:02
changing server

I am changig from BT to Virgin Media.although I will no longer have BT email address will I still be able to use BT Yahoo etc?

Posted by: Alan B. PCIQ IT ProfessionalPCIQ IT Professional      6 Feb @ 07:27
RE: changing server

What for?

I think if you sign up for a Yahoo ID you can use this to access the BT web site.

Posted by: Alan B. PCIQ IT ProfessionalPCIQ IT Professional      6 Feb @ 07:29
RE: changing server

Or do you mean will you still be able to use that dreadful BT-Yahoo browser thing? I'm afraid the answer is yes.

Posted by: Richard B. PCIQ IT ProfessionalPCIQ IT Professional      6 Feb @ 08:14
RE: changing server

Frank, yes you will but you will have to use it through your web browser.

Posted by: Jon S. PCIQ IT ProfessionalPCIQ IT Professional      6 Feb @ 08:22
RE: changing server

In theory BT close any accounts roughly 180 days or so after the contract ends, unless you convert it to a pay-as-you go account with DIAL UP access and use the dialup connection every now and again
However I have a BT account that I've not dialed into for nearly a year and its still "live". I can log in through webmail and also receive e-mails through Outlook Express. What I can't do is send e-mails through Outlook Express as BT rejects the access as it comes from a "foreign" network, There is a way round this, but its pretty convoluted

However my suggestion would be to try to move away from any ISP-tied mail account and sign up for one of the free untied ones. Then you don't have to worry about losing it if you change ISP again
The followoing offer these

AOL / AIM USA (not AOL UK) at or
Yahoo at (not BYYahoo)
Microsoft at

Posted by: frank m.      6 Feb @ 10:41
RE: changing server

Thanks to everyone you have cleared that up for me.

Posted by: David R H. PCIQ IT ProfessionalPCIQ IT Professional      6 Feb @ 13:13
RE: changing server

Sorry Jon - I have to disagree with you on one thing. I have always advised all my clients, friends & family to steer clear of fee email services unless you are sure that you will never send anything that matters and/or is confidential through them.
* Some such services have in the past disappeared with little or no notice
* I simply do not trust them.
* If anything goes wrong you have absolutely no comeback.
* If you need to use email for business, a free email account makes you look Mickey-Mouse.

If you have important stuff to send, find a well-established UK email provider & stick with them. Most only charge a few pounds a month (or did last time I looked :) There are some who will sell you a domain name & allow you to use that & they'll set it all up for you. The charges are usually quite reasonable.

Posted by: Jon S. PCIQ IT ProfessionalPCIQ IT Professional      6 Feb @ 15:26
RE: changing server

" well-established UK email provide"
I did have one - called Pipex - until they were taken over and butchered by Tiscali and the service went completely u/s. At that point I changed (currently Zen) but who knows, I may have to change again and I don't want to go through the hassles of changing mail accounts. Therefore using a number of free e-mail accounts makes sense as they will remain irrespective of however you access the 'net

Posted by: Jon-paul M. PCIQ IT ProfessionalPCIQ IT Professional      8 Feb @ 22:53
RE: changing server

Hi Frank,

i would just like to add a point about what Jon has said about using outlook express or another mail client for your BT emails. If you enter the SMTP server address of your new provider in to the email account setting this should allow you to receive emails from your BT account but send email through your new providers servers. The address you are looking for from your new ISP will be somthing like SMTP.VIRGIN.NET check the info you should have been sent from the ISP.

You might also have to add your new ISPs email username and password in the email Account Settings on the SERVERS tab. Eitherway it is not a hard thing to do.

hope this helps


Posted by: frank m.      8 Feb @ 23:08
RE: changing server

I can`t ask for more advice than what you have all sent,if I don`t get it sorted from that then I never will.
Many thanks
F Mitchell

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