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Hardware Related Issues: Faulty Hp touchpad buttons

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Original Message    Posted by: Adam R.      22 Dec @ 16:19
Faulty Hp touchpad buttons

Hello guys,
I have a HP 8470p that was running perfectly until recently. Went away for a few days and came back to find that the touchpad and touchpad buttons dont work very well. Will occasionally work, mostly not. Feel heavy and sticky.
I suspect one of my flatmates used it and must have spilt a drink on it although they all deny it.
Is there anyway to know for sure if they spilt something on it?
It still has warranty with HP, will they be able to tell? Will they still fix it?

Much appreciated, thanks.

Posted by: Jon S. PCIQ IT ProfessionalPCIQ IT Professional      27 Dec @ 21:04
RE: Faulty Hp touchpad buttons

only way to tell is to take it apart, something suggest you DON'T do. My guess is that it has had something spilt on it, but that's only a guess.
As to HP's response? We can't speak for them. You need to ask them

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