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Posted by: margaret H.      11 Feb 2015 @ 18:17

Hi, i have my own packed bell computer but i can not access it at all as i have forgotten my password,i have tried for hours to access my computer but i am still having trouble,,this is why i am contacting you,,as i am disabled& housebound& i rely on my computer for my outside life communications, i have been told i have to pay £59 for some kind of disc to set my computer,,only when i first bought the computer i did not have to use no disc to set it up at all,i hope you can help me i would be ever so grateful for your help thanks so much

Reply by: Jon S. PCIQ IT ProfessionalIT Professional in Morecambe, LA3      12 Feb 2015 @ 19:28
RE: password

1) Packard Bell / Acer machines usually come with a hidden recovery image on the hard drive which can be launched using the correct key combination at startup. Check the documentation which came with the machine. I'm guessing you got yours from a PC World or Currys store - they used to create a recovery disk at point of sale as part pf their setup service - but personal experience has suggested that this often went wrong.
The actual key combination depends on the model and version of windows - so check your documents

2) It should be possible to remove the password from the PC, but how its done depends on whether its a BIOS or Windows password, and on the Windows version. Without more info its impossible to guide further. aware that we've always been reticent about offering password cracking advice online as we've had too many episodes with stolen machines being hacked

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