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Upgrades: Remove windows 2000

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Original Message    Posted by: JAMES R.      3 Sep @ 19:35
Remove windows 2000

How do I remove windows 2000 so that I can install Windows XP?

Posted by: Jon S. PCIQ IT ProfessionalPCIQ IT Professional      3 Sep @ 21:21
RE: Remove windows 2000

reformat the hard drive during windows XP setup
That is assuming you have a "full" version of XP
If its an upgrade version then you can only do that - ie upgrade "in situ"
Of course if you go for a reformat make sure you have backed up all your data files and e-mail settings first. And by backed up I mean copied the files to CD/DVD/extra hard drive. Don't rely on the Windows 2000 "backup" routine. It doesn't work properly in XP (In fact it usually does not work at all in XP despite it being on the disk "for compatibility reasons...")

Posted by: Richard B. PCIQ IT ProfessionalPCIQ IT Professional      3 Sep @ 22:13
RE: Remove windows 2000

Depending on wether you have an OEM or A microdoft version of XP, you may be able to do an upgrade. Insert your CD and it will either give you the option to upgrade or new install.

If it gives you the new install option ONLY then you have an OEM version of XP and you should stop and backup any documents etc that you want / need.

Posted by: Jon S. PCIQ IT ProfessionalPCIQ IT Professional      3 Sep @ 22:20
RE: Remove windows 2000

microdoft? surely a typo for Microdaft?

Posted by: Alan B. PCIQ IT ProfessionalPCIQ IT Professional      4 Sep @ 11:49
RE: Remove windows 2000

I have used an upgrade version of Windows XP to perform a fresh install before now. It just asks for the product key from the previous version of Windows.

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