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RE: I need a wireless network setup.I have bt.home hub and Hp Laptop with windows xp

What wireless usb dongle have you bought? Did you install the CD with the connection utility? You don't need Service Pack 2 for the wireless usb adaptor to work. Service Pack 2 contains the Windows wireless utility which works with wireless adaptors but isn't required as your device will have been supplied with all the software you need. I would suggest you remove all the software you have already installed for the usb adaptor and reboot the computer. Then reinstall everything. On another note, if it's not too late you would be best getting rid of the BT home hub. What BT don't tell you is that some of the BT home hubs broadcast 'BT Open Zone' like what some of the telephone boxes now broadcast. I've seen this on 3 out of 5 hubs I have had to setup recently.

17 Jan @ 00:22

RE: Will not type e-mail messages. only addressesand attachments typed. Printer is HP Deskjet 5150purch

Sorry this query doesn't make much sense. Do you mean it won't PRINT email messages as you have mentioned a printer? If so try unplugging printer, uninstall printer drivers, reboot computer then follow original setup guide provided with printer to reinstall it. Also try doing a print preview before printing to see what information you have selected to print, just in case your software config is wrong.

21 Sep @ 13:56

RE: i can no longer remember the boot password to my computer ; and i have also forgotten th

If you ring your internet provider they will be able to reset your password to get online. Resetting the password on a laptop and computer is a difficult one as we don't want to be seen to give out advice which could help people hack into stolen laptops. It can usually be done within minutes so your best bet would be to find someone on here that is local and see what price they can do it for you. Probably looking at £25-£35. PC World and now Tesco PC Guys will do it but you're looking at nearer £100 if you take it to them, call out fees are terrible.

20 Sep @ 18:18



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