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RE: i wish to know if my toshiba P200 is compatable with bluetooth and if it does whitch make of bluet

Hi William, P200 is a range of notebooks, it would be easier to say if your notebook has bluetooth built in if you could give the exact model of notebook that you have. Even if you do not have bluetooth built in, it is possible to buy bluetooth dongles which plug into a spare USB socket. Bluetooth is a standard, so any product that has bluetooth has the possibilty of connecting with any other bluetooth enabled product. Belkin and Dell as well as many others sell bluetooth dongles. Hope this helps

17 Apr @ 11:51

RE: just installed 2 new ram chips turned cpu on and it started to bleep constantly ive checked to make

Hi Stuart, Alan suggestions are good. Also, not all RAM will work in all motherboards even if the RAM does match the specification. I would advise you to first check that the RAM is a match for your motherboard. You can normally do this at the RAM manurfacturers web site. For example if your RAM is made by Crucial you can check their compatibility list here : If the memory does not match your motherboard. Take it back and get some that does.

17 Apr @ 10:56