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RE: keyboard coming apart!!

Definitely raise a request here:-

24 Apr @ 11:31

RE: Dell mini netbook overheating

I did a lot of work for a supplier of Dell mini's. They were seeing a high return rate due to over heating, they called me in to inspect some of them. The results were that there was not enough thermal paste between CPU and heatpipes. If you are able to I would return it for refund/exchange. Otherwise it needs to be sent to a repairer to be sorted.

24 May @ 09:25

RE: file associations

Hi Ron, I would suggest going to Enter your postcode and find an IT Professional nearby. I am confident they will be able to resolve this problem for you quickly. Vinay

19 May @ 13:48

RE: I have an Advent Space Saving All-in-one system running on XP Full AVG protection. Yesterday the c

I would definitely raise a support job on this site, and arrange for a professional to look at it. This is not something we can assist with via the forum.

3 May @ 09:00

RE: built in card reader

This is not a lose connection it is caused by static. Very common with PC's which have exposed card readers on the front. The solution:- If you lose the drives. Power off machine Turn off at mains Hold power button in on front of PC for 30 seconds. This will discharge any static build up. Other things to consider. Is PC on floor (carpet)? If so place some chipboard or other wood underneath it to prevent static from carpet charging PC.

24 Apr @ 11:40

RE: Long beeps

These were built for Phillips by Medion, so the boards are the OEM ones Medion use. No special BIOS on them. If I remember correctly, this beep is related to a voltage regulation issues on the board.

11 Mar @ 12:46

RE: Recovery CD for a Toshiba Equium L100-186 laptop

A lot of Toshiba notebooks do not come with a full recovery cd, only a windows install CD. To access Toshiba's recovery on many of theirs laptops, you need to hold down "0" in the keyboard as the laptop boots up. Assuming the recovery partition is in tact, you will be able to restore back to factory settings. You mention you have run a clean install using a windows cd. Depending on what you did with formatting you may have destroyed the recovery partition and not have a way to recover back to Toshiba's factory settings.

12 Feb @ 09:17

RE: HP slimline pavillion

Can you see the DVD Drive in Explorer / My Computer?

17 Jan @ 18:06

RE: Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Li1818 notebook

What is the actual issue? You say its "completely died" can you give some more info on what it is doing / not doing.

15 Jan @ 20:11

RE: I am unable to order Windows upgrade for new AS5536 as the order site keeps freezing and then return

This issue occurred back during the Vista upgrade period, and caused havoc for OEMS.

8 Jan @ 15:13

RE: laptop wont boot up

It sounds like the liquid has caused some damaged. There is not a huge amount I can advise you to do Linda, other than stripping the laptop down and cleaning all traces of the liquid. After that it may still not work correctly. The best advice I can give is to have a PCIQ professional inspect the laptop for you. To do this goto and click on "request support".

5 Jan @ 21:24

RE: connection for an old computer

David, Can you give us an idea of the PC your mother has? Even which operating system it is running to give us an idea of the age? Alan is correct with both options. Check to ensure there is no Ethernet (LAN) port to connect the modem to.

5 Jan @ 19:30

RE: Graphics card

Susan, You have an Intel graphics adaptor:- Supports *Intel(R) 855GM Chipset *Intel(R) 865G Chipset *Intel(R) 852GM Chipset *Intel(R) 855GME Chipset *Intel(R) 910GL Express Chipset *Intel(R) 915GV Express Chipset * Intel(R) 915G Express Chipset Mobile Intel(r) 915GM Express Chipset *Mobile Intel(r) 910GML Express Chipset You do not have an ATI or Nvidia graphics adaptor. Were you able to run this game before you reinstalled Windows?

11 Nov @ 14:52

RE: Graphics card

Hi Susan, You are missing quite a few drivers from your system following your reinstall. I can see from the Wireless problem thread you were directed to the Intel site for drivers for your wireless card, but that site is not necessarily correct for other drivers for your laptop. Your laptop drivers can be found on the ECS website. Your laptop is the same as an ECS G220. If the above link does not take you to the drivers page, then navigate to: and run a search on the left hand side, for Notebook > G Series G220 is the model you need. You will need to download each driver, and follow through the install. As you have successfully setup your internet connection, a technician could assist you remotely for a nominal fee. Vinay

10 Nov @ 11:26


[quote]In my experience pretty good. Most of the time it does seem to speed up page requests, especially with the "cheaper" ISPs like TalkTalk. The phishing filter is the most useful part of it, adds yet another layer of protection. Only downside is that they intercept mistyped page requests and try to take a commission by referring you to what they think is the correct page - but a number of ISPs do that anyway. After all, they had to pay for the service somehow...[/quote] I have to agree here. The service they provide can be invaluable. I have 2 clients (20+ users in each) who we have setup on this service, and it allows me to easily and remotely manage employees online experience. As a home user it can also be invaluable.

1 Jul @ 13:31