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RE: No boot

Try removing any USB disks, pen drives, CDs, DVDs or floppy disks and attempt a reboot. Your BIOS may not be pointing to the correct boot device. Failing that, Jon is spot on. CDs and Floppy disks? Ask your elders.

18 Mar @ 00:07

RE: delayed C drive find

... and for the benefit of others - the solution was?

2 Jul @ 22:46

RE: Can't install my 3 Huawei dongle software

I'm confident that every one of us could get your dongle working on your Sony laptop fairly quickly if we had both of them directly in front of us. Unfortunately that's not the case and the limiting factor in this kind of scenario tends to be the narrow bandwidth and inadequate feedback of the human-computer interface. Luckily there is a solution - you could raise a job request and one of us could visit to fix the problem first hand.

2 May @ 23:08

RE: Can't install my 3 Huawei dongle software

Try copying the installer from the dongle into a temporary location on the Sony laptop itself. This may give some indication as to whether the installation files are corrupted. Once copied, right clisk the installer/setup program and select "Run As Administrator". If this still fails, check the event logs for any clues as to the reason why.

30 Apr @ 22:48

RE: can't connect to the internet

Chris, this problem could be caused by any number of things but the error indicates that you fail to get an IP address. Has anyone tweaked your router? It may be you've exhausted the number of free addresses in the range. Try allocating yourself a static IP address and ensure you define the gateway and DNS settings correctly. (Check using ipconfig /all from a different computer connected to you router - the last octet of your IP address has to be unique in the range 1 to 254 - choose 231 for example). Perhaps someone has enabled MAC address filtering on the router and your laptop is excluded. Perhaps someone has selected WPA2 encryption and your wireless adapter can't handle better than WPA or WEP. There may be a clash between the wireless adapter application software and Microsoft's inbuilt wireless capability (Wireless Zero service). Try using one or the other. Will your laptop connect successfully to someone else's broadband router?

10 Apr @ 14:21

RE: error

Blinkin' heck, my response was almost as unintelligable as your question - sorry let's try again: <a href=""></a>

22 Jan @ 20:17

RE: error

Try this: < href=""></a> If it doesn't help, please provide further details of the problem in a form that we're likely to better understand.

22 Jan @ 20:11

RE: Deleting Useless and Obselete Programs

Obsolescence is a very subjective state. A program may be considered obsolete but you may still personally have a very good reason for using it. However <a href="">Secunia</a> will scan your PC and give you an idea whether your programs are current, in need of updating or just plain obsolete.

11 Nov @ 16:21

RE: internet connection

Duplicate of

9 Nov @ 20:47

RE: internet connection

Can you try to explain your problem in a little more detail? What is it that you specifically need help with: 1. Working out why you're unable to 'load internet' 2. Identifying the correct ethernet driver 3. Locating a suitable download location 4. Downloading a driver on another PC 5. Writing a CD 6. Something else? We can help you with any of these points but it's a little tedious having to explain all of them when only one may be required.

9 Nov @ 20:42

RE: moiter failure at start up

For whatever reason, it's not receiving a valid video signal from your PC. Can you either try another monitor on the same PC or try that monitor on a known working PC to isolate the fault to either the PC or monitor. Of course it could br that the monitor cable is either faulty or disconnected so check that too.

27 Aug @ 22:16

RE: sd card not reading - red light

The flip side of Jon's advice would be to try the same card in another PC. Does it still work in yor camera?

27 Aug @ 22:12

RE: I have a acer netbook and the wifi signal keeps dipping in and out even when it says the strength is

I can't be certain but it looks to be the device pointed at just before the base panel is replaced at 3:34. Wireless cards have two wires connected to them with gold coloured contacts - they simply pull off and push back on. The card itself may be secured with a screw and is connected via a plug/socket arrangement to the motherboard.

17 Aug @ 20:04

RE: cross network cable between Vista and 7 (starter)

To answer your original question Alison: There were some differences in networking between Vista and 7, mostly to do with workgroup or homegroup use. Both versions have improved (read as potentially problematic) firewall configurations over XP's offering. When a new network connection is detected, Vista and W7 should prompt you to specify whether the network is Home, Work or Public and then configure the firewall in increasing levels of security appropriately. You can read up more on this <a href="">here</a>. However, I think your problem stemmed from your choice of IP addresses: is what's called a network address - it identifies the 102.100.100 network (assuming a subnet mask of You should have used 1 and 2 rather than 0 and 1 in the last fields. For future reference, it's good practice to use addresses in the range -> as these are guaranteed not to conflict with other public IP addresses on the internet - although using only a crossover cable this wouldn't have been an issue. Interestingly, if you had left the IP addresses dynamically allocated rather than trying to explicitly specifiy addresses, the two pcs ought to have 'discovered' each other automatically using APIPA when connected via a crossover cable. Alan's suggestion of connecting via your router was probably the 'best' quick solution. If both of your laptops had gigabit network cards fitted though (unlikely), a crossover cable would have provided a much faster transfer rate than you'd get otherwise through a 100mb/s router. So there is something to be said for using 'old technology' :-)

25 Jul @ 22:02

RE: Sound & audio driver

Jon raises a good point - the ones I found were for: Equium L100-186 Part Number : PSLA5E-002005AV Key Features - Intel® Celeron® M processor 380 - Genuine Windows® XP Home Edition - 40 GB Hard Disk Drive - 256 MB DDR2 RAM (533 MHz) - 15" XGA TFT display - DVD Super Multi (Double Layer) drive

20 Jul @ 23:48

RE: Sound & audio driver

You should never have to pay for a driver download - always try the manufacturer's website: For Windows XP: <a href=""></a> For Vista: <a href=""></a>

20 Jul @ 23:31

RE: Black Screen Freeze after New RAM installation

As you're getting the boot choices menu it may also be worth booting from a memtest86 CD (search online for the iso image and burn your own) to test the memory if it stays up long enough! You may have dislodged the graphics card if there is one. I'd be inclined to disconnect all non-essential peripherals and PCI cards so that you have the bare minimum of components in use and try that.

19 Jul @ 23:39

RE: Hi im try into connect to my internet through my three(ZTE)dongle.It has installed ok on my laptop a

As Alan says, some operating system components may be missing. In the case of SideBySide errors you are probably lacking one or more of the Visual C++ Runtime Libraries. The problem is there have been numerous versions of Microsoft C++ Development platforms including 2005,2008 and 2010. My suggestion would be to Google this phrase: 'vcredist_x86.exe download 2005 2008 2010' and download and install the runtime libraries for all three versions as they're only a few MB each. There are usually two flavours of each, one for 32bit and the other for 64bit versions of Windows. *** Please make sure you only download the files from a Microsoft website as some malware masquerades as the vcredist_x86.exe installer.

14 Apr @ 21:09

RE: pxe-e61 : media test failure, test cablepxe-m0f : exiting broadcom pxe romoperating system not f

Another possible cause is that your standard boot priority has been modified either by someone messing with BIOS settings or by the BIOS having lost its working configuration because of (for example) a flat battery or power surge. The initial 'pxe-e61 : media test failure' indicates the PC is attempting to boot via a network connection and this is most unlikely to be the norm in a domestic environment.

6 Apr @ 23:02

RE: No Incoming E Mails

Hi Elizabeth, It's generally considered good etiquette to create your own support request rather than piggy back off someone else's. Click this link <a href=""></a> and fill in the form giving us as much detail as you can about your email problem and one or more of us will try to assist you as best we can. Don't tell us your email address or password but please try to give us the following information: Who hosts your email account? Did you previously use a web based email client like GoogleMail, Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo etc or did you use Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail etc? Why did you (re?)install Vista? What did you have before? Can you *send* emails successfully? Do you still have all your old email converations? Who provides your internet connection? Can you browse the internet OK?

29 Mar @ 21:56

RE: packard bell imedia x2416

If you've reseated the heatsink, did you replace the thermal transfer compound? If not then your processor is likely overheating within seconds and hopefully a thermal cutout is kicking in. The behaviour you describe prior to your intervention is typical of an overheating CPU but reseating a heatsink without fresh compound if the existing compound has hardened or dispersed will make matters worse.

15 Mar @ 21:41

RE: overheating (failing) laptop

Pas devant les enfants ? Nous avons un forum dedie a ce genre de discussion. N'y voyez pas malice Daniel :-) Je ne peux <img src="" alt="Google Translate" /> avec les meilleurs d'entre eux!

22 Dec @ 23:42

RE: acer x3200 motherboard problems

It sounds like you may be changing too many things at once and are losing track of progress. You need to isolate the potential cause of failure in a logical manner eg: Test the wall socket by plugging in another device (e.g. a table lamp). Test the (fused) mains cable by using it to power another device (e.g. your monitor). Test the PSU powers up irrespective of what's connected (this requires some experience which I'm not prepared to advise on because there is the potential for you to misunderstand and harm either yourself or the equipment). Ensure you replaced the CMOS 'reset' jumper into the correct place or it will never boot correctly. Check that the PC power switch connector is actually attached correctly to the motherboard. Remove most of the accessories connected to the motherboard (disks,cd drives, PCI cards,excesive RAM) as one of them may have failed. A motherboard should power up with only the following connected: PSU CPU + cooler minimum RAM (It should beep if it needs a video card or RAM that is not plugged in) Of course, much of the above is made simpler with access to an AC/DC multirange voltmeter. Failing all the above, go to bed and sleep on it - with a fresh approach the next day you may realise what you've forgotten to do - I speak from experience :-)

18 Nov @ 22:10

RE: System restore

You really ought to have tried and fixed the malware issue rather than reload XP. You don't specify the flavour of XP you were given so I'll hazard a guess it's a Volume License copy of XP Pro. This means your Media Centre desktop is now just a desktop that will reject Microsoft updates and Service Packs and will know nothing about your Media Centre hardware. You'll have to do some research to find suitable drivers for your wireless card and audio/video components. Even if you can download and install these via a different PC, you won't have the Media Centre features you'd have enjoyed before. I may of course have jumped to the wrong conclusions. If you can post the model number of the PC, others here may point you at drivers for the specific hardware components you have.

16 Nov @ 23:09

RE: Acer Laptop aspire 5535

To diagnose faults like this you neeed to be confident, competent and methodical. With a laptop, diagnosis is complicated by the fact that components aren't easily interchangeable. I'd be inclined to remove various components one at a time and see whether the beeps still occured or changed at all. You can remove items like all USB peripherals, all removable media, battery OR mains power, RAM (one at a time), hard disks, CD/DVD drive, integral keyboard (replace with USB). If any of these tasks seem a little adventurous for you, consider logging a request for a PCIQ Professional to come out and fix it for you.

30 May @ 17:50

RE: vista to XP

Jon I take your point about downgrade "rights" but the question was specifically asking about how simple the procedure was. There is no simple downgrade procedure, it requires a reformat and thus loss of original O/S and data.

19 May @ 21:51

RE: vista to XP

This is not quite as simple as you may hope for a number of reasons: There is no downgrade path from Vista to XP. The Vista and Windows 7 boot loaders differ from that of XP so you'll have to first backup your data then boot from the XP CD to (optionally repartition) then reformat and install XP. Your inbuilt recovery drive would likely be deleted meaning you'll be unable to re-install Vista without an installtion CD if you later change your mind. You might want to consider buying a replacement hard drive, taking this opportunity to aquire more disk space - disks are relatively cheap. You'd always then have the Vista disk to fall back on. There are other things you could try too but they'd require access to 3rd party disk partitioning tools. You can use your OEM CD and key to install XP on your laptop however it may fail activation if you've recently installed and activated using the same product key on the COA as used on your desktop.

19 May @ 21:38

RE: Recovery disc

Samuel, thank you for your continuing contributions to this thread - there that's the thank you duck broken. You will either have performed a recovery install, effectively replacing the previous XP instance whilst leaving existing programs and data intact; or you've installed a second installation on a different partition. Either way, your disk will still be, at best, dormantly infected with malware if it was originally infected. If you wanted to completely wipe the disk, you should have backed up your data first and then elected to delete and/or format the original partition via the "Setup Windows XP on the selected item" installation option. If you now have 2 installations of XP, formating or deleting the original partion to clean the disk of infection will render your new XP installation unbootable. It may just be easier to start again (after backing up data), deleting existing partitions and re-creating them as required.

17 May @ 19:37

RE: Amilo li1705 freezes/reboots

I can't remember the exact make, it was either Tyan, Gigabyte or Asus, but one of the desktop motherboards would shutdown and illuminate a bright red LED on the motherboard as part of a thermal cutout routine. The *only* way to reset this condition was to remove the power cable and attempt to power on the PC by pressing the power switch to discharge all residual voltage from the PSU.

27 Mar @ 20:18

RE: Amilo li1705 freezes/reboots

A number of things may cause this random rebooting. 1. you could have a thermal problem due to dust build up within the laptop. High temperatures would make the system unstable and lead to hanging or crashing and subsequent reboots. 2. There could be a loose connection other than the RAM or DISK (ie wireless card, keyboard or screen connector etc) somewhere within the laptop. 3. You may have some malware causing operating system instability. If you were still able to boot the PC I'd recommend checking the event logs for clues. However you now need to try and diagnose the cause some other way. You could try booting the PC from CD, DVD or USB stick which ought to rule out malware if it's still unstable. Other than this you probably need to strip it down and clean out any dust, reseat the heatsink with fresh thermal transfer compound and look for other potential mechanical or electrical faults. If this suggestion falls outside your comfort zone, you can log a call on the PCIQ site for a nearby PCIQ Professional to do the work for you.

27 Mar @ 19:34

RE: laptop

Andrew how do you know it's the Home version they're talking about?

5 Mar @ 22:25

RE: My Live mail account in windows 7 refuses to recognise my password since I removed the account and t

Roger, don't be too hard on yourself over this - I've lost track of the number of email and/or broadband router configurations I've had to fix. Usually the client will produce a little black book with the required details mis-recorded. Either the case is incorrect or more commonly decimal points missing. Sometimes I can guess a correct username but often I either have to ask for the original activation letters if available or phone their ISP for clarification. We would appreciate you telling us how you came by your own 'Wizard' though.

2 Mar @ 19:30

RE: When the computer is switched on it will not go past the blue screen. There is a disk in the drive!

Sorry I have no experience of iMac at all but there are others on this forum who should be able to assist you.

13 Feb @ 17:42

RE: When the computer is switched on it will not go past the blue screen. There is a disk in the drive!

Please provide more details about your make and model of computer and operating system. Try to describe your 'blue screen' better - does it have any writitng on it? Try hitting F8 multiple times after powering on to interrupt the ususal boot sequence - what do you see? Try the same with 'a disk in the drive!' removed first.

13 Feb @ 09:41

RE: hi i have an advent laptop and it has a bios password stopping me from doing anything at all..

This story highlights why I have a BIOS password on my own laptops. If I don't set one, there's always the possibility that someone else might whilst my back is turned. The same applies to unprotected wifi routers although they're much easier to reset of course.

9 Feb @ 20:49

RE: Disappearing Email - MAC Mail & OWA

I came across a similar problem when trying to synchronise PDAs via IMAP4 and an IPod against Exchange Server 2007. Item's deleted by the Ipod were still present on Exchange Server and visible from Outlook clients. Have a look at this link for a utility called Expunge that you can run on the Exchange Server:

4 Feb @ 17:54

RE: dvd maker

And the one thing I really should have asked - what DVD writitng software are you using?

30 Jan @ 19:39

RE: dvd maker

It could be for any number of reasons including: Dirty or damaged DVD media Defective DVD writer Buggy DVD writing software Lack of sufficient free disk space or RAM memory. Lack of processor resource due to other program activity Unsupported media type Malware running on the computer. To give us a better chance of pin-pointing the reason please supply more information including: Make and model of computer Version and service pack of operating system Desktop or laptop? Running on mains power or battery? How old is the computer? Has DVD writing ever worked? What are you trying to write? eg photos, music, data or recovery disks etc How many times have you tried? How long do you leave it before aborting? What make of DVD media are you using? What type of DVD media are you using? DVD-R DVD +R etc Have you tried different brands of DVD media? Thanks.

30 Jan @ 19:36

RE: wireless problems

Of course if it's any easier, you can always unplug the router from its usual location and move it nearer to the PC temporarily. You won't get an internet connection without the phone/cable line plugged in but you may suddenly get a wireless connection between the PC and router - then work back from there. If you do this however, clear it with all the other PC users in the house first as they'll lose their internet connection until you restore the router to its correct place.

18 Jan @ 22:24

RE: connection for an old computer

Thanks Jon, I've never had the problem since but your experiences are worth me noting. @David W - any success or further info to report yet?

6 Jan @ 23:54

RE: connection for an old computer

Actually Jon, thinking about it you're right. My problem about four years ago was getting Windows 98 or ME to authenticate itself correctly with a particular ISP using a USB modem. My XP laptop at the time was fine with the same modem but the customer's older OS wouldn't have it. Maybe there was more to configuring W98/ME networking than I could remember at the time but we traded up to a more secure NIC/router solution instead.

5 Jan @ 23:56

RE: connection for an old computer

Let's hope the modem is an ethernet device because some USB modems won't have drivers for older operating systems (98, ME etc) if that's what your mother's PC is running.

5 Jan @ 22:47

RE: laptop problems

It sounds like explorer isn't running. At the point where you can see the background wallpaper can you access the task manager by pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL on your keyboard? If so then from the task manager File menu, select "New Task (Run)" and then type explorer.exe in the subsequent dialog box. You may then be able to check the event logs for clues about the cause of the problem. We can advise you further if you get this far. If this works you'll think your problem is solved but the root cause won't have been fixed and it may fail on subsequent reboots. As David says a callout to a PCIQ Pro may be your best course of action.

30 Dec @ 16:04

RE: Can I install x64 bit Windows 7 on PB imedia 2215?

Windows 7 32bit "supports" up to 4GB so if that's all you're installing you may see no perceivable benefit from switching to a 64bit OS. I'm aware of the ~ 3.5GB limit for 32bit memory addressing, but I'd be inclined not to worry too much about wasting that extra 500mb if as you say it's decently priced. However if you do decide to upgrade, be aware there is no upgrade path from x86 to x64. You have to adopt what Microsoft call a wipe-and-load migration. Alternatively you could make your laptop dual boot between x86 and x64 if you installed to another partition or deployed to a virtual hard disks (VHD) - a feature available in Ultimate and Enterprise editions.

14 Dec @ 22:33

RE: Siemens Se587 Wlan DSL routor cannot do port forwarding

I presume you're trying to access your internal LAN from within your internal LAN by specifying your public IP address (and port number). I don't think this is possible. If it was setup correctly you should find it will work from a friend's broadband connection even if not from your own - give that a try.

10 Dec @ 21:22


You haven't entered a subject in your enquiry so there is nothong to click on to respond to it - you may want submit it again to make it easier for us to respond - I've only got here by looking for it. Do you only have a 3 internet connection or can you test your video streaming on a landline based broadband system to indicate whether the problem is associated with your 3 connection or your computer's general state of health? Please supply a little more information about versions of Windows, TV software, TV receiver hardware etc.

3 Dec @ 19:12

RE: can't connect wirelessly

Nicola, I think you misread my instructions: ++ ping default-gateway ++ ++ (but substitute the actual default gateway value recorded above). You should receive 4 replies. What this means is that having correctly setup your wired connection with a static IP address, you should ping the IP address of your default gateway. This is router manufacturer dependant but might typically be so you should type: ping (but the actual gateway IP address nay be diffent in your case - check one of your working PCs)

15 Nov @ 17:01

RE: can't connect wirelessly

Hi Nicola, Don't worry about "IP routing" it need not be enabled. IPv4 can be enabled but still not listed as you're seeing, although as Richard says you should check that it is enabled within the properties tab of the LAN connection. You have a wireless and a wired connection. Wireless connections are inherently more difficult to fix if there are problems so let's concentrate on getting the wired connection working. On one of your working computers, open a command prompt (you may need to run as administrator - see later) and type: ipconfig /all You should see a listing similar but better than that listed in your original post. Record the settings for IPv4 Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, DHCP Server and DNS Server. Then type this command in the same window: ping default-gateway (but substitute the actual default gateway value recorded above). You should receive 4 replies. Use a CAT5/RJ45 cable that you *know* works - pinch it from one of your other computers. Plug one end into one of the *known to be working* LAN ports on the router (ie a port used by one of your other computers that works). Plug the other end into your problematic laptop. If you can disable your wireless connection with a switch or function key on your laptop then do so - it will make diagnosis easier. On your Vista laptop: 1.Click on Start button. 2.Type Cmd in the Start Search text box. 3.Press Ctrl-Shift-Enter keyboard shortcut to run Command Prompt as Administrator. Allow elevation request. 4.Type in the Command Prompt: netsh int ip reset 5.Restart the computer. After the computer restarts, open a command prompt as described above and type this again: ipconfig /all if there is no IP address listed, type this: ipconfig /renew if you have an IP address, try the ping command: ping default-gateway (again substituting the correct value). If you still have no valid IP address, you can assign yourself a static IP address rather than using the DHCP server. Select the Properties Tab of your wired LAN connection and then double-click the Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPV4). Enter exactly the same values for all the entries noted above and recorded from your working PC, but make the last number in the IP Address field different (a number between 70 and 250 should suffice). Repeat the ipconfig /all and ping commands. If it's working, you should get 4 replies when you type: ping Please let us know how you get on.

10 Nov @ 22:19

RE: windows features

Hi Mike, A little more info would be appreciated, but assuming you're running Vista or Windows 7, try this:

9 Nov @ 18:59

RE: my dell inspiron cant find any drivers for my pci ethernet video etc and also says that there is n

Hi Diane, If I've understood correctly: You don't have a Dell recovery CD. Someone other than yourself re-installed an operating system on your laptop in your absense. You have no drivers installed so the installation is incomplete and you're unable to connect to the internet (including Dell's site) from your laptop. You've lost all your photos, videos etc You may have lost the hidden recovery partition if someone has installed windows from a retail CD. It may be possible to recover some photos/videos etc but you need to call a PCIQ professional in to do this. They may also have access to Dell recovery media to allow re-installation of Windows correctly for you - complete with all required drivers.

17 Oct @ 21:04

RE: The computor has started running very slow, and would therefore appreciate help in getting it back u

Unless they're ECO-friendly and slipping into power saving mode, computers tend not to run more *slowly*, they always run at the same speed. However as they're basically time-slicing their resource between programs that you have installed and running, the effect is to make you think that they're slowing down over time. The solution is to be more selective about which programs you allow to run simutaneously. Other factors can make the computer appear to be less responsive too: insufficient RAM, insufficient free disk space, an incorrectly sized or fragmented Page File, general disk fragmentation, badly written software, inappropriate or unoptimised drivers, badly scheduled tasks such as virus scanners and disk cleaners/optimisers, real time virus scanners etc etc. Follow Robin's advice then look in your System Tray and determine what's running all the time, verytime you log in - do you need all that? Use the task manager, select the process tab, use the column headers to sort the CPU and Memory columns and see which processes are using all your CPU and RAM resource. We can give you specific advice but only if you tell us a little more about your computer first. Is it XP or Vista? How much RAM is installed? How much free disk space do you have? Tell us the specs of it from the General Tab after right clicking MyComputer.

14 Oct @ 21:18


Interestingly, Google fleshes this Spanish? out further: xDD hahaha perdon! was obvious that I do not understand Hibana! not much English! if someone can translate for him he can understand my problem much better! Hire me to the point of it! the case is to buy a laptop! apparently a Lanix who had called On Screen Display (OSD) which is responsible for matters Multimedia & that. etc the fact is that the icon comes up on the screen! osd green icon. because a see my uncle said it blokea qe no good apparently for never comes up on the desktop case is qe try to install it again for pro parecsido is not found nothing: osd_ 1.5.2 I had to reboot my system until the last update to see if recovering hise the program! & If he recovers, but each time I start windows I get qe be installed! but I asked an installation package that format (msi) & & do not have anything like that when I give you cancel the installation aborts! not if I explain & OJALAA & can help me: /

1 Oct @ 07:15

RE: network problem

From Windows Explorer, go to the Tools menu, select Folder Options, then select the View tab. Scroll down to the bottom of the Advance Settings option where you should see a Use Simple File Sharing check box. (Hope this is right, it's from memory as I don't have an XP PC to hand right now).

1 Oct @ 06:46

RE: computer wont start

Hi Daniel, Three things: 1. The error you report seems incomplete but from what I can gather from t'interweb searches this is a result of some upgrade failure. Please tell us what you last did on the computer before this error occured (anything that might have caused it from the time you started the computer until you rebooted). 2. The solution may require that you boot from a Windows installation disk - do you have one, or can you beg/borrow/lay your hands on one? 3. Setting the bios to default values is usually a 'Safe Launch Point' from which to recover a PC. However, if you have a system with multiple or obscure boot options, (RAID for example) then some post-reset configuration may be required, which you probably wouldn't have a clue about. However to answer your question - Reboot your PC and access the bios ( this usually requires you to hit DEL or F2 or some other key indicated on the screen). Once in the BIOS, there is usually an option to select Factory Defaults, Optimised Defaults or Performance Defaults from the last menu page - or the page from which you would likely exit the BIOS. If you think any of this is beyond your comfort zone, consider getting one of our IT Professionals out to do it for you. Either way, let us know what you find or what you decide to do.

30 Sep @ 22:57


Your computer is attempting to boot from a network server - which is not applicable to most domestic users. You need to tell it to boot from the internal hard drive instead. This should be the default, if it is not, then either your boot order priority has been changed, or your hard drive has failed. You need to determine which it is so try to go into the BIOS settings straight after turning on power to your PC - you do this typically by hitting the DEL or the F2 key though it may be different for your PC. See whether your disk is listed as a SATA or IDE device. Check also the boot order and change it if necessary. Let us know what you find and we can give further advice.

30 Sep @ 14:45

RE: I need to make a new copy of my Packard Bell Windows Vista Operating system (incidently the worst op

If you have already created your 'Recovery Disks' then as you've found some manufacturers won't let you re-create them again. Be aware though that these were System Recovery disks not backups of your system. They were created from a 'factory default' image stored on your hard drive and as such had none of your own customisations or data. With regard to having to apply Service Packs to out of date installation media - welcome to the club - that's our bread and butter! You can make copies of your recovery disks if you need to duplicate them. You can and should backup your PC, including components of Vista to some other device, but CDs,DVDs etc become unwieldy due to the number required. Some external hard disk backup solutions offer a one touch solution. Others may be able to offer more specific advice.

30 Sep @ 08:29

RE: DNS error

Hi Lolaa, On your computer, open up a command prompt (usually via Start->Run and type cmd, or on Vista, Start -> Search and type cmd, or Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt). Either way you should get a black window on your screen within which you can type commands. Within that window, type: ipconfig /all This will list all your network interfaces and their settings. Make a note of the settings for the connection which has non-zero values listed for: IP Address, Subnet Mask, (this is usually Default Gateway, DHCP Server, DNS Servers, and let us know what the DNS Server is set to. If the other values start with either 192,172 or 10 then tell us these too - otherwise for your own privacy don't list them here. Also type this command: nslookup tell us what it says for this, and then at the nslookup prompt, type in: and tell us what it prints out as a response. For comparison purposes, type this at the nslookup prompt too: and tells us what the response is.

30 Sep @ 00:24

RE: Hi Does anybory know how to take the back cover of an Advent off. I have taken all screws but there

I'm not familiar with this particular laptop but I had a similar problem with another. The missing screw came in from the other side - which meant it was obscured by the keyboard. Prising the keyboard out (it was secured by small tabs within recesses) from the top revealed the screw head.

24 Sep @ 21:27

RE: network connections

PC specs are listed here: This seems to be a desktop. If you cannot see a wireless signal have you tried pulling the PC out from under the desk or cupboard etc and allowing the antenna to 'see' the Belkin router? Also check within the Device Manager that the wireless card is enabled and has a driver installed. There may be a Creatix Wireless application running in your system tray - have you tried to use it? Otherwise you will need to ensure the Windows Wireless Zero service is running. Which Service Pack for XP do you have applied? Earlier releases were not so good with wireless. You may want to download and install Service Pack 3.

10 Sep @ 18:07

RE: Problem with msxml2.xmlhttp on Windows 2003 server

Your error message looks suspiciously like some code published here: A more complete snippet of the same code you publish is: set oxmlhttp=createobject("msxml2.xmlhttp") if err.number<>0 then wscript.echo "msxml2.xmlhttp not installed. Operation aborted." set oxmlhttp=nothing : wscript.quit 1 'or exit sub end if Thus your error message isn't a Microsoft error message but a developer's own. So to diagnose the cause of your problem, I'd be inclined to find this code you're triggering and edit it to print out the error value, rather than simply comparing it to zero (success). You could then perform an msdn search on the error code which may point you in the right direction. I'm sure you're aware that 2003 Server was infinitely more secure by design than previous Microsoft offerings so you're probably coming up against a permissions problem.

2 Sep @ 21:37

RE: Keyboard not working on Sony vgc-m1

I've serviced and repaired two of these (or similar) units, both of which needed an almost complete strip down to get at what you would have thought should have been readily accessible components such as hard drive and graphics. All I can say is that for the amount of time I spent on one in particular, the customer got a very good deal because there's no way I could have charged them what it actually cost me in terms of time. As far as I remember there are some difficult to locate screws beneath some panels which you need to find. They're also very heavy and awkward so give yourself plenty of space and time. If you're going to scrap the PC anyway, just go ahead and dismantle it to recover the disk - it's getting the damn things back together again that causes all the problems. You might also try begging, borrowing or buying (<£10) a real USB keyboard, then try to dismantle and disconnect only the integral keyboard to stop it interfering with the boot process. This may enable you to transfer file via network,CD or USB stick.

9 Aug @ 21:37

RE: laptop to tv

David, Is "mode not supported" the exact error message as it appeared on your TV? Have you successfully connected your laptop to a computer style monitor before using the same or an equivalent cable? It may be that the screen resolution or refresh rate supplied by the laptop is too high for the TV. Have you tried lowering either of them? Have you encouraged the laptop to output a signal to the TV - usually using a Function Key sequence on yor laptop keyboard?

5 Aug @ 23:28

RE: Internet Explorer has stopped working etc

Hi Dorrie, It may still be a malware problem but it could just as easily be a corrupted toolbar or other addin. You need to access the "Internet Options" dialog, either by right-clicking the IE shortcut and selecting Properties (from a menu or desktop) or within IE by hitting the ALT key and selecting Tools -> "Internet Options" or by selecting "Internet Options" from the Control Panel. Then select "Programs" TAB and click the "Manage add-ons" button. Within the next dialog, you could try disabling everything, then restarting Internet Explorer to see if that fixes your problem. If it does, you can selectively re-enable add-ons and repeat the test to isolate the add-on that's causing the problem. You may want to record which are enabled/disabled before you start. If this fails you could try pressing the "Reset" button on the "Advanced" TAB but you will lose all personal configuration of IE doing this.

26 Jun @ 20:57

RE: Internet Explorer has stopped working etc

This may be a malware infection of some kind. Please supply more information about your computer configuration: Which version of Windows? - typically W98,ME,W2K,XP or Vista Which version of Internet Explorer? 5,6,7, or 8? Do you have any Anti-Virus software? If so then what? Is it up-to-date? You could always try booting into Safe-Mode with Networking and tell us if that will let you read your email more reliably. To get into Safe Mode, Hit the function key F8 just after the BIOS messages and before the Windows splash screen appears whilst booting. We can give you more targeted advice if you can provide answers to these questions.

25 Jun @ 23:08

RE: Master Disk H.D.D.S.M.H.R.T

Sorry to resurrect what is almost an old thread but the PXE-E53 error indicates that the PC's BIOS is configured to attempt booting from a network. Error 53 occurs when the computer did get a DHCP address (this will likely be from your adsl router), but failed to get a response from a PXE server. Most domestic users wouldn't want to have this enabled and should disable it in the Network settings of the Bios or the settings of the network card if it's an addin network card (there'll be a Function key option to select this at boot time if there is). There is no harm leaving it enabled but if it checks the network last during the boot order this means that it's failed already to boot from the hard drive. If it checks the network earlier than the hard drive then booting will always be slow because the PC will have to wait for the network discovery to timeout before it continues to the hard drive. Enabling SMART checking in the bios means that the computer will alert you at boot time if any of the SMART error conditions have been tripped. This can give you an early indication that the disk may shortly fail and typically it will tell you to back up all your data as soon as possible and get the drive replaced. However as Jon says, neither of these conditions will cause the problems you are experiencing once the PC has actually booted. Can you give us more information about what type of computer you have? If it's running Microsoft XP, right click My Computer, select Properties and tell us what is detailed on the General Tab of the subsequent dialog box.

6 Jun @ 11:33

RE: dead laptop

I tend to steer clear of laptop hardware repairs due to the difficulty of obtaining spares and also stripping down and re-assembling them. Having said that though I've managed to fix a fair few for friends and longstanding customers who may otherwise have junked them rather than seek out a specialist laptop repair service. Sorry if I've overlooked anything here but it's a long detailed thread and I've read it only once. I'm curious to know how your "specialist professional" concluded it was a motherboard fault? Having tested that power was available at the various supply stages, did you with either motherboard try removing various of the components to see whether it sprang to life? With desktops and laptops I've known faulty disks, media drives, cpus, ram and graphics to prevent the motherboard from powering up. In my experience if either motherboard or cpu are faulty, its very difficult to determine which of the two it is unless you have a similar system to test with. PS Not everyone in this 'dodgy' business is out to fleece innocent customers. I politely decline work I know I can't or am not prepared to handle and I never charge for problems I fail to fix - not that I've had many of those.

6 Jun @ 00:22

RE: internet explorer connection

Sorry all, my post got mangled by the markup parser of the website. I had written something along the lines of: ping myaddress ---bigspace--- eg ping with myaddress in angle brackets - but they and their content got omitted completely - similar problem for the gateway.

19 Apr @ 18:13

RE: internet explorer connection

Hi Barrie, Is it only your browser that stops working? Do you have some other internet enabled program installed that you could use to verify whether only Internet Explorer is blocked? I'm thinking of Google Earth or Outlook Express etc. You should run this command from a command prompt: ipconfig /all to verify that you have a valid IP address on your wired LAN connection. It will typically be 192.168.X.Y where X and Y are numbers between 1 and 254 You should also see a Gateway Address with a similar number. At the command prompt try typing these commands: ping <your IP address> eg. ping You should get 4 replies ping <gateway address> eg ping You should get 4 replies ping You should get 4 replies It could be that you've disabled Windows firewall but Bulldog firewall is blocking Internet Exploerer explicitly. Let us know how you get on.

19 Apr @ 14:17

RE: Windows Media Player not playing

Sorry for the delay - been on the road for a few days. You can access the Management Console by right click the My Computer icon on your desktop or Start Menu and selecting Manage. This gives you access to Event logs, Device Manager, Services, Disk Management etc.

31 Mar @ 08:50

RE: Windows Media Player not playing

Hi Mike, If you say WMP works straight after a system restart, go to Control Panel -> Sounds and Audio Devices, then select the Audio tab of the dialog that opens. This will display the default devices used for audio playback and recording. Also check in the Device Manager (right click My Computer, select Manage, expand Devices) to see the condition of these devices whilst they're working. Repeat this exercise when it doesn't work and tell us what the differences are if any. Whilst in the Computer Management Console, check also the Event logs for any device, driver or service related errors after it stops working.

25 Mar @ 17:56