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Network Issues (including Setup)

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I am having wireless network connection problems with my daughter's Acer Aspire laptop which is running Windows Vista Home Premium (32-bit) Service Pack It has a Celeron Dual-Core CPU T3000 @ GHz and GB of RAM. The router is a Belkin 54g GHz - 802.11g wireless. The problem is very a erratic connection. It won't stay connected for more than a few seconds. It connects and then disconnects all the time. The Wireless Network Adapter is an Atheros AR5B91 and says it is working properly all the time. I have tried updating the Atheros driver I have bought a Belkin Enhanced Wireless USB Adapter to see if this would work but it has made no difference. The laptop connects perfectly well using a wired connection.


Mark S.


York, YO30

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10 Sep 2010 @ 18:28

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York, YO24
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By Mark S. - 11 Sep 10
Gavin was very quick to respond to our problem, I received a phone call only a few minutes after logging the problem onto the website. He was very courteous and easy to talk to, and was able to make an appointment the following day. He turned up on time and courteously and patiently went through the diagnosis with me. He kept me up to date with his progress dealing with the problem and explained things clearly as he went through the actions taken to solve it. He was clearly very competent and I would recommend him to anymone, particularly people with problems with wifi. He is now my first choice PC expert.

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