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Hardware Related Issues

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Mesh Computer years months old. Running perfectly until tonight. Flash and smell of burning. No response to off/on switch. Almost certainly power supply blown - I've taken the top off and it smells. Reference is Mesh Model HPC-360-202 ATX12V WITH PFC. Could probably replace myself but the models on the Internet don't look quite the same... You may have more experience. Your help would be appreciated.


Peter  G.


Ware, SG12

Date of Request:

9 Oct 2008 @ 20:20

PCIQ IT Professional:

Buntingford, SG9
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Customer Review:

By Peter G. - 17 Oct 08
Absolutely first class! The part I wanted was fitted by Bill, and the computer was back up in a week. Bill was also most considerate about the house.

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