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i have laptops apple mac book pros running snow leopard i have recently added the second laptop. i connect to yhe internet via airport and a netscape router. I have a hewlett packard wireless all in one c4580 and i have just purchased airport express. The two computers can speak to each other and connect to the internet without the airport express. With the airport express plugged in we cannot access the internet nor can we print wirelessly. Are you able to help with this and can yiu do it on Saturday or Sunday and if so what might the price be. Nina Cobb location is SW1


nina c.


London, SW1V

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18 Feb 2010 @ 00:18

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London, SW2
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By nina c. - 21 Feb 10
Michael fixed my wireless network and printer issues in a calm and skilled manner, explaining each action he was taking and why. He is a skilled technician, helpful and a pleasure to have met him.

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