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A selection of completed jobs on Packard Bell computers

Our IT Professionals support many Packard Bell computers including...

  • ixtreme X6618
  • ixtreme I8819
  • ixtreme X6719
  • iMedia A3130
  • iMedia B2218
  • iMedia D3318
  • iMedia B2619
  • iMedia D3519
  • iMedia A4521
  • ipower 2.0 I9920
  • ipower I9820
  • imax mini C2600
  • Butterfly S-EV-010
  • EasyNote TJ65-BT-011
  • EasyNote TJ61-RB-016
  • EasyNote TJ61-RB-010
  • EasyNote TJ65-AU-010
  • EasyNote NJ65-AU-020
  • iPower GX-M-010UK
  • iPower GX-M-900
  • EasyNote TN36-U-440
  • EasyNote TR87-BT-010
  • EasyNote TR82-SB-010
  • EasyNote LJ65-DT-100
  • EasyNote LJ61-RB-110
  • EasyNote LJ61-RB-010
  • EasyNote LJ65-BT-011
  • EasyNote LJ61-RB-017
  • EasyNote MH36-V-370
  • EasyNote MH36-V-200
  • Netbook dot s
  • Netbook dot m/a
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We have IT Professionals in all UK Cities - for example:

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