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PCIQ has a network with over 1000 independent IT Professionals ready and waiting to help you with your computer problems.

Digital home services Emergency assistance

Computer crashed?
Viruses invaded?
Laptop blank?
Data disappeared?
Mac melted?
Unreliable connections?
Spammed out?

Don't panic. Just call us now and we’ll find you someone who can come to your house or office and fix your problem as soon as possible.

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IT Support at home Set-up and training

Once you've invested in your equipment make sure you get the most out of it by ensuring it is set up in the best way for you and you know exactly how to use it to do what you want in the most efficient and enjoyable way.

Customised set-up - have your computer work exactly the way you want it to

Installation - purchased a new graphics card or software package? We'll make sure it fits seamlessly with your existing set up

Home networks - get all your equipment talking to each other

iPods, digital cameras, internet phones and other gadgets - all properly hooked up and supported

Training in web design programmes, image manipulation software and more - get the most out of your computer

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Maintenance and support

Don't wait till things go wrong. Would you trust your car if you didn't get it serviced regularly? Your computer equipment is exactly the same - small problems can go undetected and eventually cause a big crash. We can come to your home and rectify any lurking undetected problems immediately. Plus, trust our professionals with those protection and storage tasks that you always mean to get round to just as soon as you have the time!

Broadband and virus protection - don’t sit on the end of an expensive helpline, call us

Email exchange server - get your own address, and dump Hotmail!

Recycling - we’ll clean your old equipment of any of your private data, and recycle it legally for you

Storage - we’ll back up your documents and your system so if things go wrong, they’ll be back how you like them quickly and easily

Disaster recovery - think you’ve lost everything? Let the professionals check first before you panic!

Fill in the form or call 0800 808 7087!

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