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Posted by: Tom C.      26 Mar 2012 @ 23:04

I have an Easynote laptop model TJ61RB030.
When the charger is plugged in, it can detect it but says not charging. The power pack is generating 19 volts like it should. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Reply by: Alan B. PCIQ IT ProfessionalIT Professional in Cambridge, CB22      27 Mar 2012 @ 07:41
RE: Charging

If something in the charging circuit becomes high resistance then you will measure 19V when there is no load (i.e. charger not plugged in) but the voltage will drop away when you try to draw current. It's probably more likely the problem is with the charger than inside the computer but you would need to get a new charger to find out. Computer repair engineers usually carry a universal charger so a friendly repair person might charge very little to test if that works.

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