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What if I just want a bit of free advice?

Our FREE Computer Support Forum is the perfect place to place a computer question and receive an expert response from one of our IT Professionals or a knowledgeable user. You will receive an email alert as soon as someone responds to your question with a link direct to the answer. If this doesn’t solve your issue simply request support from one of over 1,000 IT professionals who cover the whole of the UK.

Why can't I contact the IT Professionals directly by phone or email?

The PCIQ system manages the communication with the IT Professionals to provide you with a better service. You can use our Quickmatch service to speedily find someone with the right skills who covers your area. This will send alerts out on a priority basis and one of our IT Professionals will contact your directly. Alternatively you can browse the IT Professionals in your area and choose a specific one or create a shortlist, after which you will again be contacted by an expert ready to help with your request.

Why am I asked for feedback after the job is completed?

We are keen to ensure you have received a first class service and consequently like to receive feedback on all jobs. This feedback also assists future customers as it is used to help assess priority with our Quickmatch service and is also helpful for customers who search for IT professionals in their area and like to see the feedback from previous jobs.

What price will I be charged?

PCIQ does not charge you for helping with the process of finding a suitable IT Professional.

Because of the unique way that PCIQ works, we do not try to set any pre-defined prices until you have had the opportunity to speak to the IT Professional who will carry out the work for you. At this point they will discuss your requirements with you and outline their pricing.

The price will vary depending on where you are located and of course, exactly what work you need doing. As a general guideline, most of our service providers charge between £20 - £50 per hour. Many of our IT Professionals include their pricing on their profile pages which you can view by doing a search for IT Professionals in your area here. If you know the price you are prepared to pay there is also an option just before you submit your request form to specify the maximum price you are prepared to pay.

Who/What is is the premier destination to find independent IT Professionals across the whole of the UK. For more information on the team behind PCIQ please the About us.

Have a question not answered on our FAQ's?

Please ask here and we will email you back within 48 hours with a response.

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