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RE: i have a vgc-v2m sony vaio desktop computer i bought it not working it comes on but no display. i pu

Morning First thing to try with any screen problem is hook it up to an external monitor and see if you have the same problem. If you do have the same problem update to the latest graphic drivers. If you do update and you find the problem persists, take out the memory and replace it with another one(try the one in the other laptop)and see if it persists. If it does happen again, I would say you may have a defective graphics adapter and would not bother replacing another motherboard. Now if you get a constantly good display with an external screen, then you are looking at either the invertor, screen or the cable that runs up the back. After reading your post again, even though it is confusing, it seems you have tried another motherboard out of a working laptop and the screen worked? If so the it is not the screen, but try to hook the old motherboard to the working laptop screen. If you find that the screen works fine, then its a driver issue and not a board problem as you are getting a display to a new screen from the old motherboard. Transfering the parts to a new tower will only transfer the problem if its the motherboard and frankly is a waste of money as if you can get a good external display, then leave it in its current case. First post so hello all too:) Mike

22 Jan @ 10:39


With over 13 years of experience with desktop computers and 5 years experience with business networks, we are able to offer a vast range of services.

Home Users:

Windows 98,2000,XP,Vista and Windows 7 Setup and troubleshooting
Computer and Laptop upgrades
Wired and Wireless network setups
Virus removal
Laptop DC port: If your laptop is not charging.


Computer repair, upgrade and installation
Server installion (from the ground up)
Backup solutions
Wired and Wireless network setups and troubleshooting
NAS drive installation
Office relocation

For businesses, we offer a free audit of your hardware. We will spend time talking about how you use your network, how we can improve your usages and, if needed, offer solutions to any problems you may have.



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