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RE: Changing primary DVD Drive

Follow these steps. Open Control Panel from the Start Menu, double click Administrative Tools and then double click Computer Management. On the left pane, you should see "Storage" then underneath that you should see a submenu labeled "Disk Management". Click on your E drive (old CD drive) and right click it and click "Change drive letter and paths", click Change and then choose something like "S". In the disk management section still, right click on your new external DVD drive and click "change drive letter and paths" and change it to the E drive. This will work perfect for your install, as you said Adobe is looking on the E drive for a disc. Also, in the disk management window, you should right click on your unused drive "S" (or whatever you chose" and click disable, so you wont need to use it again. Good luck.

1 Aug @ 14:35

RE: when laptop is on for a while it cuts out and screen goes blank and doesnt come back on and the on a

This is more than likely a RAM issue. The fact that removing your battery helps a bit, is down to the fact that BIOS resources are used when your battery is in, such as the CMOS and time settings. By removing your battery, this will only help for a while. Try shutting your laptop down completely, removing the ram, cleaning it a bit and putting it back in place, making sure nothing is lodged underneath. Try turning your laptop on with only your battery in, no mains power. If this does not work, please reply. Good luck.

1 Aug @ 14:25

RE: vista to XP

I would advise you to do a Windows Easy Transfer. Run a scanstate on the Vista machine, then loadstate once the XP operating has been installed. You must understand that you cannot downgrade from Vista to XP and vice versa, as they run different kernals. Good luck.

1 Aug @ 14:21


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