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RE: Fail to boot

Sounds like you O?S atempted to install some drivers for the new card and failed. upon reboot the old drivers are still present and causing a failure. when first switching on after the BIOS boot, Press F8 and select last known good configuration.

17 Mar @ 15:54

RE: dongle

Possibly some service or associated app isn't starting. boot up, (assuming your on windows) install the software so that it works. 1. press [ctrl][alt][+del] click on processes, stretch the window so you can see the full list. 2. [alt]+[print screen] to copy the image 3. go into word or something similar [ctrl]+[v] to paste the image. save the document reboot check its not working again. repeat steps 1,2,3 compare the two lists, look for something that may relate to the model of your dongle that was in the first list but not in the second. if you find something for example called 'xxvdong32.exe' that is not in the second list search for it and double click it, try your connection. if it now works then thats what your problem was to make it auto work drag a shortcut(right click and hold the mouse button) to it in [startmenu][ all programs][startup] (thats one thing to try)

25 Feb @ 21:49


I won't talk gobbledigook, Freindly informative and helpful, happy to explain what I'm doing and why so next time you can do it yourself.
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