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Problem Summary:

Slow Computer, General Check Up

Customer's Description:

My Sony Vaio desktop was running very slowly and now I can not even get it to start at all. I'd like someone to come along, help me to get it started and then remove any viruses or Spy ware; as well as providing advice on preventing recurrence of the problem. I'd appreciate a rough estimate of costing in advance.


Sam C.


London, SE4

Date of Request:

2 Sep 2010 @ 11:59

PCIQ IT Professional:

London, SE1
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Customer Review:

By Sam C. - 06 Sep 10
Collin phoned me not long after my initial enquiry online and was able to arrange an appointment in the same week. He arrived on time and did an excellent job. The computer is working well now and at a much better speed. I would recommend your service (and Collin) to a friend.

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