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Internet Related Issues

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I have recently moved into a new house, and have been unable to connect to the Internet via WiFi. The other occupants have had no problems. I have reset the router several times, but it seems to be working perfectly - however, my laptop still shows "local access only". It seems that a similar problem often occurs with a particular configuration of Windows Vista. However, I have tried several potential solutions I have come across online to no effect. These have included disabling IPv6, modifying the computer's registry to include "broadcast flag" toggles, and changing the WiFi adapter's settings. All of the hardware involved seems to work fine, but somehow the computer is only able to gain local network access.


Jake M.


Norwich, NR3

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8 Aug 2012 @ 10:38

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Norwich, NR2
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By Jake M. - 15 Aug 12
Greg was very efficient and helpful in fixing my computer problem. I was very happy with his service.

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