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I have a Compaq Notebook Presario F500. I bought it in October The problems are a mix of things My laptop has regularly had the BSOD for over the last months. Freezes on occasions have to force shut-down 3. Error messages on start up can't pin point what though 4. Wireless has completely refused to work. 5. Runs slowly but that's probably due to the fact the hard-drive has been used up. Have been thinking of getting an external hard-drive anyway. Any help would be deeply appreciated.


Lynn  M.


Liverpool, L7

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10 Jan 2009 @ 16:14

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By Lynn M. - 13 Jan 09
Was very thorough, advised me on several options for me and my laptop and made sure I had all my questions answered before he left. Laptop back in working order. Top notch job!

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